Monday, October 5, 2015

Crafting Slump...

I have been in a bit of a slump lately.  I know this happens to everyone but I have not been creative lately.  I have reorganized and beautified (is that a word?) my craft space, I have bought new goodies to create with but all I do when I sit at my desk to make something is look around and become overwhelmed trying to come up with an idea.  Perhaps the loss of the work that I had put into my old blog, is what put me in the dumpster.  I don't know, but Oscar the Grouch can have his trash can back - this stinks!

This weekend was World Card Making Day and is the biggest card making celebration world wide.  It is a time for card makers from all over the world to get in their craft spaces and make the world a better place one card (or a dozen) at a time... okay that's a little super heroish but honestly the card making world was in full swing and I still couldn't get motivated.  I made a few cards, nothing fancy, definitely amateurish and most importantly very simple.  I tried to compete with my peers...  I just didn't have my usual sparkle.

One of the four cards that I made this weekend did put a smile on my face.  It was created with an image that I had stored on my computer.  I do not remember where I originally saved it from and there is an artist's signature but I can't make it out.  It's just so darn cute and I couldn't resist coloring this little guy and making a card out of him so if this image is yours, please let me know, I would like to to give you full credit for such an adorable Mummy.

Here are the other three cards.

If you have been where I am and have found your craftitude again (yes I just made that up too), please leave a comment and tell me what worked to help you get your craftiness back.

Happy Crafting and thanks for stopping by!