Tuesday, September 29, 2015

The Butterfly Den Transition

I have been working on moving my blog to Blogger.com.  Even though I own my domain I have found so many wonderful crafting blogs here that I just wanted to be part of the community and settle in.

Well as a Blog Rookie I made a few mistakes.  Before transferring my domain to a new host and then linking it to my Blogger account I had exported my original blog so I could later import it into Blogger.  I thought this export would work just fine as I had read how to import posts into Blogger and everything looked to be good.  I don't know what happened but whenever I attempt to import my blog posts it just sits like it's loading the posts and nothing happens.  What a bummer!  My posts weren't anything magnificent but they were something and now they are gone.  I should have saved each individual post to import instead of trying to do the entire blog at the same time.

Well anyhow, today I begin anew.  I have a few posts that I had done drafts in Word that I may be able to resurrect at some point so if you have ever visited my blog and you end up seeing the same post again, that is why and I want to thank you in advance for your patience and understanding.

Please stay tuned for new posts soon.

Happy Crafting!